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Top 10 Indian & South Indian Restaurants in Berlin (Germany)

Are you away from home and missing the taste of Indian food? Not to worry! Many Indian and South Indian Restaurants are located in different parts of Berlin, serving delicious Indian cuisines. Indian food is famous for its authentic taste and use of several spices. 

When living abroad, an Indian restaurant is the best alternative you have that reminds you of home. In this writing, we have made a list of the top 10 Indian and south Indian restaurants for you to try out in Berlin

#1. India Club 

In the heart of Berlin, the Michelin-starred India Club serves delectable dishes from the North Indian subcontinent. Indian grandeur is well reflected in the decor. This Indian restaurant has furniture made of dark wood, ancient decorations, colours, themes, and stunning lamps that dangle from the ceiling. 

The menu features mouthwatering curries, tandoors, and other gourmet delicacies that showcase the best of Indian cuisine. The Indian Club restaurant in Germany is a must-visit because of its welcoming staff and delicious food.

#2. Namaskar

This is a very straightforward, unpretentious restaurant serving fabulous Indian cuisine, with ample amounts and delicious dishes. The proprietor is also constantly there to ensure that all customers are happy with the cooking and the service. The staff is exceptionally friendly. 

This restaurant, which serves authentic Indian food, never disappoints its customers. You must try the Jhinga Vindaloo and the Tawa Murgh Masala at this Indian restaurant in Berlin.

#3. Delhi 6 Restaurant

When in Berlin, if you search for the ‘best Indian restaurant near me,’ Delhi 6 is bound to pop up. This Indian restaurant is ideal if you want food that tastes like home. It is an Indian restaurant that draws inspiration from Indian cuisine, particularly Delhi’s street food. 

They provide foods including dal shorba, soft bhatura, palak paneer, garlic naan, sev with rice, and samosa chaat. A must-try among the desserts is gulab jamun, and the potato-stuffed bread is also excellent.

#4. Vedis Indisches Restaurant

Visitors at Vedis Indisches Restaurant are always entertained by the restaurant’s vibrant, velvety ambience. After a long day of going around the best of Berlin, if you’re itching to eat some flavorful traditional Indian food, make your way to this restaurant. 

When served with chicken curry and some freshly made mango lassi over a bed of wonderfully flavoured rice, your taste senses will instantly jump with joy. For your late-night desires, this eatery also offers Indian appetizers like samosas. And everything is inexpensive.

#5. Masaledar 

This eatery in Berlin, next to the Odeon theatres, serves delicious dishes that tickle your taste buds. This restaurant has delectable curries and top-notch tandoori specialities that make you crave home-cooked food. 

There are several foods to select from, and the service is excellent. You must try their Mango Lassi and Tandoori Chicken and Paneer.

#6. Anand

If you are looking for South Indian restaurants in Berlin, you must try out Anand. One of the City’s eateries serves dosa and other authentic dishes from the southern part of India. 

Other restaurants in Berlin do not fit the Amritsari kulcha and panipuri. Delicious sugarcane juice is offered here.

#7. Swera

Berlin’s hotspot is where you’ll find Swera Restaurant. Naturally, it offers the highest quality and most authentic Indian flavours. It invariably converts a one-time visitor into a repeat customer. 

The ideal course of action is going to be to go to Swera for lunch. The authentic and reasonably priced Indian entrees on the menu are incredibly filling. They have an attractive interior and offer welcoming service that puts you at ease. Additionally, they provide several tasty cocktails that are worth tasting.

#8. Khushi

This restaurant has been created and furnished to make you feel cosy and at home. The restaurant serves terrific north Indian food and has a lovely atmosphere. The service here is amazing, and the personnel is cordial and considerate. 

It would help if you sampled the Lamb Vindaloo, curries, rice, and naan when dining here.

#9. Asman

It is a vibrant, homey eatery that serves hot curries, biryani, and fried samosa. Among the treats, the chocolate surtidos are a popular choice and the most recommended. 

The naan offered here pairs well with the freshly prepared and well-cooked curries.

#10. Bombay Palace

In Germany, the Bombay Palace is a well-known Indian eatery. You will never be dissatisfied at Bombay Palace since they balance their emphasis on the food, presentation, and service. 

Additionally, they offer a hearty Indian lunch that is pretty full, so you will undoubtedly return while in Germany. Naan, Salziges Lassi, Special Chicken Tikka,  as well as Bhindi Masala are some of the most well-liked dishes at Bombay Palace.

Summing up 

Germany is the 7th highest visited country in the world. Many Indians are living in Berlin. These Indian restaurants are a fantastic way to experience a taste of home if you are away from home. Are you feeling homesick? Try out one of the ten Indian and South Indian restaurants listed above.


Does Germany have Indian restaurants?

Yes, Berlin does have some authentic Indian restaurants. These restaurants have beautifully upheld India’s culture, flavour, and authenticity.

How many Indian restaurants are there in Berlin?

Even though the actual number is unknown, Berlin has a number of Indian restaurants. You can choose any Indian restaurant from the list given above.

How many restaurants are in Berlin?

At the moment, Berlin has 2724 restaurants running.

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