Water sports activities to try on yacht charter Dubai


One of the significant reasons to love Dubai by the tourists is its sea and multiple water sports in Dubai. Dubai is home to the biggest, tallest as well as best items all over the world. It is the reason that Dubai is also recognized as Superlative land- it takes a long vacation to cover up this amazing city.

In terms of renting a yacht in Dubai, it offers more than a cruise. It is fascinating to know that yacht hire Dubai allows you to prepare for unlimited fun with an exciting experience. Enrich the Dubai tour by immersing yourself in this city of gold whether you select a yacht for sailing, fishing, moorings motor boast as well as all-inclusive. Along with limestone setting down the clear water, kayak through magnificent hidden lagoons. You can also swim in water with sea life in order to see Dubai from a different perspective. Let’s begin with some of the top water sports activities that you can try on a yacht charter Dubai.

Jet skiing

Jet ski- is an amazing alternative if there is a need to receive an adrenaline thrill on your tour. You can rent out a jet ski for hours from any Dubai beach. Generally, the jet ski is popular among youngsters because they easily learn how to ride. As your bumper cars, handling your jet skis is also the same as taking off the wheel. Keep in consideration, that jet ski in Dubai is permitted only in some popular areas of Dubai. Thumbs up, tear up water and feel the cool wind in Arabian water.

Deep-Sea Fishing

Deep-sea fishing is one of the most popular water sports in Dubai. With the abundant marine life in Dubai, people from all around the globe come here to fish. It is fascinating to know that anyone is allowed to fish from the seashore but people want to go for bigger as well as deeper catches. If you hired a yacht rental in Dubai, there is no need for an official fishing license. Easy yacht rental in Dubai includes a professional fishing crew along with state-of-the-art equipment to make the fishing smooth and trouble-free.

Banana Boat Ride

If you want to give your tour a unique twist, must take a banana boat ride. It’s among one the most famous water sports in Dubai. A banana boast yacht comprises of sitting on a large boar in the shape of a banana. It’s being rocked and pulled on the seawater by a speed boat. It is fascinating to know that a banana boat yacht cruise is attached to a motorboat taking you in the middle of the sea with a remarkable adrenaline rush.

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Feel the water splashed and wind on your face when the banana boat is pulled by the motorboat at full speed. The amazing water sport includes a minimum of four people. Bring your waterproof camera to capture the special moments. There is a great need to know, that children under ten are not allowed to participate in this activity.

Bring your bathing suit, anti-UV top, sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen. Moreover, before embarking on the banana boat ride, you have to attend a brief training session. The activity welcomes both newcomers and professionals.


Nothing could be more exciting than to see the beauty of Dubai by parasailing above from the ground. From a yacht rental in Dubai, it’s always comfortable, safe, and exciting. Sailing to Jumeriah beach is recommended for a remarkable experience. Here you have the best chance for soaring above the ground and seeing Dubai Marina and Palm Island from a unique perspective. The crystal-clear water also allows the non-divers in order to experience Red snapper, Queenfish, Shark, Barracuda, and grouper.

Donut Ride

If your body’s adrenaline rush has stopped working overtime, and now you are looking for something really exciting, go for a Donut ride in Dubai. It’s the favorite activity for all who love high speed, exhilaration, and excitement at the same time. A Donut ride is similar to a banana ride as you have to sit on a ringing Donut. Sling through the water with thrilling twists, water splashes, big turns, and thrilling speed make this activity more interesting.

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The professional trainer adjusts the riding speed according to your abilities in order to make sure that you are comfortable enough. Before starting the activity, you’ll be guided briefly by all the directions and guidelines so you can have the best time. If you really want something exciting and thrilling, don’t miss the Donut ride in Dubai as it’s one of the best Dubai water sports activities.

Sports Yachting

No doubt, yachting is another best way for relaxing on the sea and you can make it a calm experience by sailing aboard a yacht. A yacht charter in Dubai provides a complete approach to the sea via swimming and snorkeling. Furthermore, if you have hired a yacht for maximum hours, it will take you towards the best water sports destinations in Dubai.


If you want to experience the clear water of Dubai, rent a yacht at Jumeirah Beach, Hatta Dam, as well as Wild Wadi Adventure Park. Charter companies provide affordable yacht rental Dubai services.

See the famous limestone cliffs, fascinating wildlife, and stunning lagoons of Dubai from close by Kayaking. It is fascinating to know that kayaking is not only best for beginners but also an amazing workout to have on a yacht charter journey in Dubai.


Snorkeling is such an amazing approach to enjoying Dubai’s underwater world. Scuba diving required specific age and fitness; however, snorkeling is for everybody. All you have to do is, wear a snorkeling mask and life jacket to enjoy as long as you want. Yacht rental companies provide you with snarking equipment in order to enjoy the water at its peak.

Fly Boarding

In terms of adrenaline-pumping adventures, nothing can beat the level of flyboarding in Dubai. It’s not only an exciting experience, but the customized package by flyboard rentals allows you to enjoy it in an amazing way. They understand all the preferences and needs in order to provide the best and safe experience in a professional way. The flyboard rentals in Dubai are ideal water sports for all looking for an adrenaline rush.  Take the water adventure to the next level. The flyboarding excursions are customized for meeting all your specific needs by ensuring, you have the best experience.

Jetpack Session

You can’t walk on the water but jetpack sessions in Dubai allow you to float above it. Fuel and liquid oxygen are mixed in the jetpack session. However, atmospheric oxygen doesn’t interfere with it. Their combination of oxygen and fuels becomes very hot, it builds an upward thrust when discharged downwards. In this way, a person holding the jetpack is tossed upward in the water. The jetpack session keeps you in the air for 30 seconds. However, if you want to play with water, Jetpack is one of the most adventurous and stimulating activities in Dubai.


If you are fond of skiing, just imagine how it’ll be on the sea. Keep in consideration, that wakeboarding is as same as surfing but easier because there is no need to wait for the right wave in order to keep going. Along with this, Wakeboarding can also be said similar to a skateboard attached to a yacht. Beginners should control the speed to enjoy. But it doesn’t mean there is no fun, it’s such an amazing experience.

There is a great need to understand that not all the yacht rentals in Dubai carry all above the water sports. Some yachts come with limited inventories. Water sports activities available on the yacht are listed on the official website as well as on each yacht’s sheet in the brochure.

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